You can also find more information about the island’s events, opening hours, and guided tours on the operators’ social media channels and in the Tehdassaari’s events calendar. Welcome to Tehdassaari Factory Island!

Cireco Finland

Cireco Finland Oy is an expert and regional developer of circular economy construction. The Factory Island project is part of Cireco’s regional development concept. Cireco owns and manages the real estate in Tehdassaari.

Art Centre Tehdassaari

The Tehdassaari Art Centre gallery features oil paintings by Finnish master artists, foreign prints, and statues.

Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre is responsible for events management in Tehdassaari.



Your safety is important to us. In 2022, the focus in Tehdassaari will be on improving the safety of the area’s indoor and outdoor spaces. There are ongoing restoration works in the area – when visiting the island, please exercise extra caution and follow the instructions below:

The current in the water is occasionally strong, do not swim/swim in the water.

The area is used by heavy vehicles and machinery. Be aware of traffic and machinery as you move around the area.

The southern bridge is in poor condition and is currently closed to all traffic (including pedestrians).

The meeting point in the event of an accident or incident is the car park next to the north bridge.

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